Dream Kitchen

Happy Wednesday! As some of you may know, Jeff and I are house hunting since a mortgage on many beautiful townhomes are less expensive than our current rent. We have put a few bids down so far, but no luck yet. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can get a place by Christmas! The biggest changes that we have been wanting to make in these early 2000 townhomes are details in the kitchen. Now while the appliances are nice, many of these places come with tile counters (eewwwww…), yellowish wood (I think they were going for pine??), and tiled white floors (can you say dirt?!)

We’ve decided if faced with these challenges in our eventual home, here is what we will be doing; aptly named “Modern Country”

thank you Pinterest for the ideas…

Concrete or Butcherblock Countertops



Dark Wood Laminate Floors


White Cabinets with Brushed Nickel Hardware



Mason Jar Chandelier


Glass Tile Backsplash


Over the Sink Utensil Rack


What do you think? Any changes you’d make? Keep your fingers crossed for us as we are supposed to hear back on a great home that we bid on this Friday!!


3 thoughts on “Dream Kitchen

  1. I really like that butcher block counter. It’s simple and utilitarian but at the same time it’s warm, rich in hue, and beautiful. Good luck with the house hunting. I hope you find something great!

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