Making Treasure from Trash (and other household hacks)

One thing most of you guys know about me is that I love decorating my home. Hopefully soon, we will have a home that we own to decorate as well (yay for no more renting in the future!)

Another thing you may know about me is that I hate spending more money than I have to on home decor. Just check out our curtain fiasco in my previous Around the House post here

So I have vowed to take thrift store finds or other inexpensive home decor and make it into the best declarations ever! Here’s what I mean:

IKEA hacks


Ikeahackers is a great resource for DIY projects from items that can be bought from IKEA and upgraded to look more unique and expensive.

Thrift Store Treasures


Not only are thrift stores like Goodwill, AMVETS, and The Salvation Army great causes to donate your gently used and unwanted items, but they are usually a great place to find one of a kind and vintage pieces that are great on their own or spruced up to become something new! I found a great set of three pillar candle stands at Goodwill for $10 for the set! Super Steal!

The blog Pennies and Blessings (photo credit) also has a great list of things to look for!

Flea Market Finds


See my post all about my best friend’s amazing Flea Market Finds here!

Let’s hear about your favorite thrifty home decor! Share your stories below!


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