Goal Weight Challenge Day 11

Morning Weight: 147.5
Pounds to Goal: 22.5

Workout: 3 mile stroll through the park with my fur babies


The aftermath, you ask?


Double win! I got in my miles for today and was rewarded with tired pups!

A big thanks goes out to Jolene from Miss Once Upon A Marathon and Clifford from Advocare Advisor for their encouraging and helpful comments on yesterday’s post!

Today I also realized that if I keep up my daily minimum of exercise at 3 miles (walking, running, jogging, whatever) that in a year’s time I could clock over 1,000 miles! Now I’m not ready to set a goal that big yet, but it’s still encouraging to know that while the numbers may not always go down on the scale, my body can do incredible things just by walking!

In other big news, starting Sunday, March 1st, a friend and I will be committing ourselves to 3+ daily miles of cardio as well as starting the Catching Fire BodyRock.tv challenge! The new Real Time Challenge starts on the 24th, so we are going to get warmed up with the CF challenge and then HIIT right into the 21 day RT Bootcamp! Who wants to join us?!?!


Goal Weight Challenge Day 10

Morning Weight: 147.9
Pounds to Goal: 22.9

Workout: 3 mile walk with the pups

So venting time. Isn’t it super frustrating when you feel like you’ve been trying so hard to workout and eat fairly healthy and after steady progress, this happens?! Arrrgggggg!!!

I’m trying my best to just drink tons of water and nutrient load with lots of produce-filled smoothies and juices and lean meats for the remainder of my month. I’m sure it’s just a bit of bloat, but man is it irritating!

What do you all do when you hit a rut like this?! How do you keep your head up and keep going? I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, but could use some ideas for increasing motivation!

Goal Weight Challenge Day 9

Morning Weight: 144 lbs
Pounds to Goal: 19

Workout: 3.5 mile walk around the park with baby and pup that I work with.
Time: 53 mins
Calories Burned: 352

What I’m Craving:Red Pepper Cauliflower Mash

2 sweet red peppers, chopped
1 head cauliflower, chopped
1/2 cup water
1/4 stick butter or 2 Tbsp. Olive oil
Sea Salt and cracked Black Pepper, to taste

In a saucepan, combine peppers and cauliflower with water. Boil until fork tender. Transfer to a blender and mix until puréed, adding boiling water if necessary. Mix in butter, salt, and pepper to taste. Serve hot.

Variation: roast the peppers over an open flame instead of boiling to add a smoky flavor.

This sounds a little crazy, but I made some today and fell in love, which is saying a lot figuring I’m not normally a fan of either main ingredient!!


Goal Weight Challenge day 8

Morning Weight: 144.9
Pound to Goal: 19.9

Morning – 2 mile fun walk by the water with baby and pup that I work with
Night – 5K speed walk/jog intervals

Calories – about 500 total

I hope you had a great weekend!

I’m always on the hunt for great healthy and delicious recipes so if you have any of follow/write for any blogs with this content, let me know!!

Goal weight Challenge Day 6 & 7

Morning Weight – 143.5 lbs
Pounds to Goal – 18.5

Workout – interval run with the hubby. Tracker says we went 3 miles, but I’m pretty sure it’s closer to 3.5-4
Calories burned: 276

Morning Weight – 145.9 lbs (too much sushi fun last night?! Haha)
Pounds to Goal – 20.9

Workout: Walked the pups on the same route as yesterday. Tracker says I went 2.3 miles in 42 minutes with a 10mph pace….I’m no mathematician but that doesn’t add up to me….needless to say I’m pretty sure that my tracker needs an update and I’m going to redo the same walk later with a different GPS app to see the true mileage.

What I’m craving: My favorite “Tropical Island Smoothie!”

1 large handful baby spinach
1/2 banana, frozen
1 cup frozen pineapple
~1 cup 100% orange juice

Layer ingredients in the blender as listed and then blend on high until smooth. Add more OJ if needed to reach desired consistency.

As you can see, my smoothie made a little extra today!!



Hope you all have been working hard and enjoying your weekend!

Goal Weight Challenge Day 5

Morning Weight: 143.5 lbs
Pounds to Goal: 18.5

Workout: 2.5 mile leisurely walk at the zoo + pushing a stroller up the hills
5K walk at 16 min. pace at park with my pups

Calories burnt: ??? Didn’t set the tracker for these. Used my legs as a gauge that I was working hard 😉

Thought for today: everyone should have a workout/accountability buddy. A friend of mine and I try to get out and clock some miles every day together, but on the days we can’t get together, we at least text each other what we did on our own. One time this week we have each pulled it together to go workout since the other one mentioned it. What a great motivator! No rest days for us!!

I hope you all have a great weekend filled with fun activities!

Goal Weight Challenge Day 4

Morning Weight: 143.7 lbs
Pounds to Goal: 18.7

Workout: 3.78 mile walk around the park with baby and pup that I work with.
Calories burnt: 318
Time: 58:14

Isn’t it so great having someone to workout with even if it’s just a little one or your canine companion?! I definitely burnt more calories than my tracker said though because I was pushing a stroller the whole time too, so I think 400 cals is more like it 😉

Today my legs were feeling it and I thought I walked closer to 4.5 miles, but I can’t complain as long as I’m putting in at least a 5K every day! Each day is one step closer to a strong, healthy me!

How are you all doing with your health journey?

Goal Weight Challenge Day 3

Morning Weight: 147 lbs
Pounds to Goal: 22

Workout: 4 mile neighborhood walk with the pups
Calories: ??? Forgot to set my tracker! Arghhhh!

So maybe it was because I weighed in this morning before my normal routine or maybe it was the guacamole I ate with dinner that increased my morning weight. Either way, my legs are already feeling stronger!

What I’m craving: Spicy Guacamole Crema
4 oz. 0% plain Greek yogurt ( I used Fage)
1/4 cup guacamole ( I used one Holy Guacamole mini cup)
2 Tbsp. Enchilada Sauce or 1 tsp. Sriracha ( I made enchiladas last night so I used the sauce)

Mix them together until smooth and use as dipping sauce for dinner or as a snack with pita/rice chips/veggies.

Super protein packed, high in good fats, and deliciously indulgent without the guilt!

Goal Weight Challenge – Day 2

Morning Weight: 145.9lbs
Pounds to Go: 20.9

Today’s Workout: Neighborhood Hill Walk/Run
3.67 Miles in 57 minutes
321 calories burnt
Run Blasts up three hills, speed walk the remainder

Holy Cannoli, I am out of shape! It felt great to burn up the hills though!

Eating is still proving to be a hard change as I have been having crazy cravings for things like guacamole and other dippable spreads with crackers/chips…slowly but surely, right?

Here’s to making tomorrow a great workout day!!

Presidents Day Workout and Day 1 Weigh In

Today I was fortunate enough to have the day off so I spent the morning with a great friend of mine walking around a beautiful local park.

Morning Weigh In: 145.9 lbs
Pounds to Goal: 20.9

Workout: 5.06 miles, 1 hr 18 mins, 444 calories

These are by far my favorite workout days; friends, chatting, and hoofing it through beautiful scenery.

What’s your favorite way to workout?