And so it begins!

Hi guys! I’ve missed you!

Things have been crazy as usual around here but I wanted to pop in and let you all in on a few things.

1. For those of you who have requested the files for the Nanny Notebook, I will be sending them out this weekend. Also, if you could let me know why the links aren’t working on your end, I’d appreciate it so I can hopefully correct the error (unless it’s something like “I don’t have Microsoft Word”, in which case I can try posting PDF versions.)

2. Starting Monday, I am starting a workout program in the hopes to get down to my goal weight of 125 pounds by the end of the year. As motivation to stay on track, I will be posting my daily morning weight, and my workout for the day along with any great new healthy eating recipes that I make. Keep in mind that I won’t be doing any kind of crazy dieting along with it. Living with a Midwestern, Meat and Potatoes husband will not allow that 🙂

It’s going to be a Tad bit embarrassing and scary, but I think it’ll help keep me motivated to keep going! Any and all encouraging words would be greatly appreciated. Negativity will not be welcomed. Anyone who wants/needs a friendly bit of encouragement in their own health endeavors, let me know and I’ll be your cheerleader!

Side note: I’m pretty convinced that if we were all forced to work out in spandex clothing, we would push ourselves to workout longer/run farther in the hopes that the jiggly feeling will be gone sooner 😉 I might just try that….kidding, kidding…or not…

Another side note: a good friend of mine made meatless enchiladas for our dinner date last night and it was AMAZEBALLS! She’s a great cook and always comes up with creative ways to eat healthy without feeling like you’re eating healthy, you know? I’ll be posting that recipe soon.

3. We have been doing a TON around our new place and it’s turning out great! Pics and posts to come sometime in the near future, but my main focus will be on the health journey.

I’d love to hear from you all and I’m super excited to be blogging again! Keep me accountable guys! You guys ROCK!

P.S. Happy Valentines Day!! Go hug/kiss someone you love (friends, family, or cuties like these…)



P.P.S. And speaking of my two rescue cuties….if you live in the San Diego area, the Humane Society is adopting out all adult animals to good homes for FREE through the 28th! Give a great pet a loving home! If you don’t, check with your local animal shelters. I know the one we got Atlas at in Jacksonville, FL is doing $14 adoptions for all of the pets in their care regardless of age!


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