Goal weight Challenge Day 6 & 7

Morning Weight – 143.5 lbs
Pounds to Goal – 18.5

Workout – interval run with the hubby. Tracker says we went 3 miles, but I’m pretty sure it’s closer to 3.5-4
Calories burned: 276

Morning Weight – 145.9 lbs (too much sushi fun last night?! Haha)
Pounds to Goal – 20.9

Workout: Walked the pups on the same route as yesterday. Tracker says I went 2.3 miles in 42 minutes with a 10mph pace….I’m no mathematician but that doesn’t add up to me….needless to say I’m pretty sure that my tracker needs an update and I’m going to redo the same walk later with a different GPS app to see the true mileage.

What I’m craving: My favorite “Tropical Island Smoothie!”

1 large handful baby spinach
1/2 banana, frozen
1 cup frozen pineapple
~1 cup 100% orange juice

Layer ingredients in the blender as listed and then blend on high until smooth. Add more OJ if needed to reach desired consistency.

As you can see, my smoothie made a little extra today!!



Hope you all have been working hard and enjoying your weekend!


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