Goal Weight Challenge Day 11

Morning Weight: 147.5
Pounds to Goal: 22.5

Workout: 3 mile stroll through the park with my fur babies


The aftermath, you ask?


Double win! I got in my miles for today and was rewarded with tired pups!

A big thanks goes out to Jolene from Miss Once Upon A Marathon and Clifford from Advocare Advisor for their encouraging and helpful comments on yesterday’s post!

Today I also realized that if I keep up my daily minimum of exercise at 3 miles (walking, running, jogging, whatever) that in a year’s time I could clock over 1,000 miles! Now I’m not ready to set a goal that big yet, but it’s still encouraging to know that while the numbers may not always go down on the scale, my body can do incredible things just by walking!

In other big news, starting Sunday, March 1st, a friend and I will be committing ourselves to 3+ daily miles of cardio as well as starting the Catching Fire BodyRock.tv challenge! The new Real Time Challenge starts on the 24th, so we are going to get warmed up with the CF challenge and then HIIT right into the 21 day RT Bootcamp! Who wants to join us?!?!


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