Goal Weight Challenge Day 17

Morning Weight: 143.4
Pounds to Goal: 18.4

Workout: 8.5 miles total
4 mile interval run at the park with baby and pup (got to see a train car being moved out of the museum too! So cool!!)
1.5 mile stroll along the beach with the baby
3 mile speed walk with my pups after work




Calories burned: about 600? Maybe? Not sure exactly since I didn’t set my tracker for the 3 mile final walk

As you can tell, I more than made up for missing my workout yesterday. I’m still battling some fatigue but I think I just need to tire my body out as much as my mind. Also, I’m doing my best to stay hydrated but some days it feels like a losing battle.

What do you do to keep yourself from tossing and turning all night? How about to stay hydrated?


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