GWC Day 18 – Holy Lactic Acid!

Morning Weight – 145.2
Pounds to Goal: 20.2

Workout: 1.8 mile stroll in the park with the baby and pup, with a picnic break


Guys, my body was ACHING today! All the lactic acid from the 8.5 miles I put in yesterday came around to bite me in the rear today! Moral of the story? STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH!!! If I had stretched before and after my workouts, I may not have been so sore!

New Recipe Alert!!!!!!
I had dinner with my training partner last night and she made an awesome Clean Eating Taco Soup and boy was it delish! She got the recipe from The Gracious Pantry so click the link and check it out. It’s definitely something easy, flavorful, and a “make again” meal, not to mention it is jam packed with protein and nutrients!


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