GWC Day 19 – TGIF

Morning Weight: 145.1
Pounds to Goal: 20.1

Workout: 3 miles walk with the pups

Ever have one of those weeks where nothing bad happened, but you’re still just drained and ready to go to bed? My week was great, but I’m definitely glad it’s the weekend.

On my agenda this weekend? Paint our room, bowling with the Navy spouses, put in a 5 mile run each day, and get normal chores done…when did being an adult seem like fun?? I feel like I should go back and smack some sense into my 12 year old self who constantly proclaimed, “I can’t wait to grow up!” Hahaha good thing I’ve got great friends, a new book to read, and adorable puppies to look forward to!

What are you all doing this weekend? Have any new goals this week?


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