GWC Day 24 – Dance Machine

Morning Weight: 144.0
Pounds to Goal: 19

Workout: Dragged two stubborn doggies 3.2 miles…or as I like to call it “A 5K with Atlas & Rhea”…….

So funny story, and maybe some of you can relate, I totally got busted dancing in my car on the way home from work today. Like full out dancing. But the other person went from looking freaked out to smiling when we caught each other’s eyes and I realized they saw me….so what did I do? Stop? NOPE! Turned that jam up and kept going.

Sometimes you just have to live in the moment. It’s probably super embarrassing, but it made that person smile so who cares, right?

Besides, you try listening to this song and not smiling or dancing!

I love me some Perry Como! 😉

Don’t forget to leave me some feedback on last nights’ post about your ideas for the future of The Wife Life!!!


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