GWC Day 27 – Holy Buttkicker!

Morning Weight: 145.3

Pounds to Goal: 20.3

Workout: 3 mile interval run with added lunges, butt kickers, crunches, and pushups at rest points

Who is your workout buddy? Everyone should have one! Jeff went out with me for “my miles”  yesterday and not only did he push me hard with a great interval run, but he also added in some body weight strength exercises at the end of each rest point too! By the end, I was sweating but smiling…not a usual feat for me!

It’s becoming so motivating that, although my numbers on the scale aren’t moving so much, my body is definitely showing me the results. Besides the fact that my body (to me at least) is looking a small bit more toned, my body is allowing me to run further with less strain. I am definitely getting excited for this 5K on the 28th!!



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