GWC Day 28 – Walk to Lunch

Morning Weight: 145.3 (Gah! Why are you not budging scale?! Ive been busting my rear!)

Pounds to Goal: 20.3

Workout: 5 mile walk to/from lunch…kind of counterproductive but oh well…we split lunch if that helps.

I am a big fan of Sundays that are full of being productive as well as having some relaxation time. Today we completed our taxes, painted and finished our master bedroom walls, went for our 5 mile walk to lunch, “house hunted” (i.e. went into 3 open houses just for funsies), and sat on the balcony with Strawberry-Pineapple infused water and enjoyed the beautifully warm weather.

Some days I just feel overwhelmingly blessed. Life is good šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “GWC Day 28 – Walk to Lunch

    • The water was delicious, I would just suggest among a big pitcher of it the night before so the flavor really infuses! As for the scale not cooperating, it’s hard to deal with, but the changes I see in my endurance, motivation, and attitude are making me keep my head up! Thanks for the comment!

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