GWC Day 29 – What the What?!?!

Morning Weight: 146.8 (Whaaaaaa??? How?!?!)
Pounds to Goal: 21.8

Workout: 3.23 mile interval run with the baby

Ok so I’m trying to keep up my positivity here, one day before my first month of this challenge is up, but today was difficult…

First, I’ve got crazy shin splints going on. Yea, I could probably use new shoes. Yea,I probably need to work on my running form, but COME ON SHINS! Cut me some slack here, body! All I want to do is run and not be in pain! I’ve got a 5K coming up in a week and I can’t have anything slowing my turtle-pace down!

Then this morning, I hop on the scale all excited because I’ve been pushing myself and was feeling really good about it, just to see that I GAINED a pound and a half! And (TMI) I even went to the bathroom before I weighed myself! I’m praying that when I get on the scale tomorrow it will read 144.8 or lower…

But after all of this I’m doing my best to keep my head up. I’m also working on not making any excuses and admitting my faults. No one else is tacking the pounds on my frame; it’s all of my decisions that are causing them. I need to change my eating and knowing that my goals for the next 30 days of my challenge focus on food, I’m hoping that the weight loss will start showing it’s pretty face so I don’t feel so discouraged about putting in so much work and not yielding much of a result.

And before you all go “it doesn’t happen overnight,” I’m aware, but am I really asking too much to see 2.2 pounds come off in a whole month? Be honest, am I overreacting and need to calm down?! Because if I am, I need a big, hard reality check 😉

What do you do when you get in a slump?


One thought on “GWC Day 29 – What the What?!?!

  1. Stay positive!!! Sometimes you lose inches before the lbs start coming off. Make sure you’re doing some type of weight training along with all of the walking/ running!

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