GWC Day 32 – Owned It!


Ok. Got that out of the way.

Why so excited? I kicked my 5K’s butt today!! Like, kicked it so hard that it ran away crying! Well, that’s a little outlandish but you know what I mean.

(photo credit: Veritas Crafts)

How great is that poster?!?! Ever feel like that after a great workout? I definitely did today!

So I left the house early today so I could swing by my favorite running spot for a 5K practice run before work. I decided to just run as long as I could and walk when needed, just to get an idea of where I will be Sunday for my race. I not only walked less than a quarter mile the whole time (which was mostly filled with butt kickers to shake out my knees), but I ran my fastest 5K EVER!!!

My final time was 34:27 with a 10:45 pace! I’ve never run under a 39 minute 5K!!! I know, I’m a turtle runner, but today I felt LEGIT!

I am so excited for this weekend’s run even more and my goal is to run under a 34 minute race or at a 10:30 pace, depending on the terrain and the foot traffic since I put myself down for a 14 minute/mile corral start….whoops!

After my awesome run, I decided to go for a slow, stretch-inducing walk/picnic in the park with the little one, bringing my mile total to 5.7 miles today!

Let’s here it for sticking to/achieving goals!!!!!

P.S. I caved yesterday and weighed myself in the morning even after I said I was done doing daily weigh-ins and guess what showed up….144.8….a day late….stupid scale.


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