GWC Days 34 & 35 – Race Weekend!

Hey guys! This weekend was race weekend so it got a little busy, but here’s how it went!

Pre-Race Warm Ups
Nothing like doing Zumba-esque moves at 5:45 in the morning. I chose to take photos instead of participate….doing 50 squats before running didn’t seem like a good idea for me.


Pre-Race Selfies!
I signed up with a friend of mine who ran the 15K. This was before I started my run. Notice: no makeup, wild hair in a ponytail, and headphones in. The girl who started next to me in my corral definitely had her pin-up style makeup done perfectly and hair teased….someone didn’t get the whole “you’re about to run 3 miles” memo…


The Start Line!
It took me 21 minutes to get to this point.


I finished! Now give me some CHOCOLATE!




Official Race Results


So I didn’t achieve my under 34 minute time like I wanted, but having started so far back in the crowd, I got stuck behind tons of people walking and standing in the way. There was also a big hill I had to power walk halfway up because my legs were just not having it. Besides that though, I ran the rest and am proud of myself! It’s still my fastest race time (best in Florida was 39 minutes….turtle-pace)

So what do I have to say to that? Bring on the next race!

And for anyone interested, I will be partaking in the BodyRock.Tv 21 Day Bootcamp Challenge starting today! Join me!


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