GWC Day 37 – Jello Butt

Holy Hell guys! My butt is on FIRE!!! Want to know why?

BodyRock 21 Day Bootcamp Challenge Day 2

That’s Why.

You know that feeling when you’ve worked your legs really hard in your workout and you feel as if you can’t walk correctly? That’s “Jello Legs”.

Well I’ve got “Jello Butt”. Never in my life would I have thought of referring to my derrière as a “Jello Butt” in a good way. But alas, I have “Jello Butt” going on. Tonight, walking up stairs is super hard. As in, I have to take a break and wish I had one of those wall-mounted chair escalators in my house. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at this. Ellen shows it off perfectly!)

I am becoming obsessed with these BodyRock workouts! Not only because I know they are supplementing my running (I did my 5K today pushing the stroller in 35 minutes! Woohoo!!), but because I am sweating so hard it is dripping off me. Attractive , I know. But it is a mood booster knowing that even thought I can’t do all of the moves like Lisa does on the screen, I am still putting in my best effort and my body sweating profusely proves it!




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