GWC Day 38 – Goal Modification

Hellllooooooooo there! It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means!

Day 3 of the 21 Day Challenge!

Today was short and sweet, but sweaty as ever. I can totally see/feel some minor results coming from my duel training sessions, but my scale isn’t budging.

I mean….I totally didn’t weigh myself today….

But anyways, I am starting to see a bit of definition in my arms again. Baby biceps, if you will…


Don’t mind the pup napping in the background….we had just gotten in from a 5.22 mile power walk with his sister through the park! 1 hour and 15 mins with an average pace of 14:27 and a 647 calorie burn? I’ll take it! Let’s just say leg day killed me yesterday and I decided to “take it easy” today…HA!

Now here’s what I’m really excited about: I can officially do some “toe push-ups” instead of having to do all knee-push-ups like I used to! Now, mind you, I can totally beast mode my knee push-ups, but for more of a challenge, I do the traditional ones as much as I can.

So with the addition of BodyRock to my daily training, I decided to modify one of my goals (#4) since I saw myself getting off track from my previous goals for this month.

New Goal (#4) for Month 2 of the GWC

Eat mostly produce/lean protein based meals with treats that can only include a “split-indulgence”

What’s a split indulgence, you ask? It’s a treat that also has big health benefits; i.e. My PB Cup Brownies or Banana dipped in 2 oz. Dark Chocolate, etc.

This way, I will still feel like I’m indulging, but know that I’m not totally falling off the wagon like I did on Sunday when Jeff bought us each a Cadbury Egg….whoops!

What is your favorite split indulgence?? Please Share them in the Comment Section!!

P.S. I totally made an amazing leftover remake meal yesterday. I took 3 leftover grilled boneless, skinless chicken thighs and 1 cup of grilled potato cubes and pulsed them in my food processor with one egg. Then I formed small patties of the mix and lightly sautéed them in a small amount of canola oil until they were crisp on the outside and warmed through. I ate it with some homemade BBQ sauce and they were delish! Try it!


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