GWC DAY 44 – Rest Day!!

APRIL FOOLS! We all know I don’t have rest days!

This morning I knocked out a 5K in the rain. Nothing cooler than realizing mid downpour that your workout pants are water repellent! CHA-CHING!

I also had my fastest time at 32 minutes on the dot, and I’m quite impressed since the weather was crappy and I had to walk for a spell when a random homeless guy started to do his own version of jogging across my path 20 or so times….maybe he thought it was safer to zig-zag his course over the sidewalk??

Anywho, I also killed my leg day with the Day 9 BodyRock workout and LOVED IT although my legs and glutes were on fire at the end!

Seriously, if you’re not BodyRocking yet, get on it! it’s less than 20 minutes a day and a great workout! Don’t be intimidated of you’re new to the exercise scene. All the instructor asks is for you to do your best! And it’s FREE on YouTube! No excuses, join


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