GWC Day 45 – seeing results?

Happy hump day!

Does anyone else feel a little awkward when people say that you on a Wednesday or is it just me?

Today I decided to take the little one to the zoo for her “adventure time” as we call it, so I did my 3 mile walk with my pups when I got home from work. They have been total pace-killers even on our slow walks and it’s starting to cramp my style (hellooooo 90s saying!)

I still have vowed to myself that I will put in at least 3 miles of activity in a day, though, so I grimaced through the tugging and pulling from my horrible lovely dogs. Who are passed out like this right now….


Who can stay mad at that? No one. I love my fur babies.

Then after dinner I knocked out Day 10 of my BodyRock Challenge. It had my arms aching and me laughing about the comments the host was making today. Check out 6:05 to see what I mean 😉

I could be just having a big self-fulfilling prophecy here, too, but I really feel like I’m noticing positive changes in my body shape. My face looks thinner, my legs are more toned, and my arms/chest are becoming more defined. The hubs even mentioned it this morning, but he has a legal obligation in the form of a wedding ring to tell me that 😉

Speaking of which, I really need to take measurements! Anyways…

That’s all for today! I’ll see you guys bright and early for a 5K run, right??

I’m also planning to try out a few new healthy recipes this weekend so feel free to throw some of your faves my way via the comment section!


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