Laundry Room Renovation

Happy Friday y’all!

Instead of sulking over the fact that I’m “not allowed” to do any physical activity that involves ankles (i.e. Almost everything…) I’m going to share with you our newly renovated laundry room.

Now, apologies ahead of time that I didn’t think to take “Before” pictures besides when we first moved in which resulted in photos that look like I was on some type of “take the most pictures in 2 minutes” kind of game show. They are obviously horrible the best quality photos ever!

Ha! Sarcasm! Love it.

Anywho, here’s what our “laundry room” looked like before we moved in…





Since those pictures suck, I also used my amazing drawing skills to make you a blueprint of the layout…


I know, I know….I excelled in art class…it’s no big deal…I mean, look at those flowers!

When we first moved in I was pretty bummed to see that our laundry was off the garage because the concrete floor was just filled with dirt that sunk into the pores of the surface. All I could see was clean laundry dropping on the floor when I was removing it from the dryer and having to rewash it. What a hassle!

So I came up with a plan for Jeff (and I) to work on. I asked for a sealed/epoxy or tiled floor, a place to fold laundry within the room, and some shelving to hang my dried clothing and laundry supplies. I also wanted the area to look like an intentional room, not just a slab above the garage.

Here’s what we did, in two days (total time), for under $300.






We got most of the big items from Home Depot including the Paint (Behr Paint + Primer In One “Zen”), Floor Epoxy Paint (Behr Concrete Epoxy in Silver Gray – not recommended for our use though after completing…), Molding, Table Top, and Cabinet to make the “Folding” Table. We already had both wire shelving units and the large cabinet by the washer and dryer. As for the decor, I bought the clock and vase from Target, the art on the walls from Kohls, and the clothes pins and jar from WalMart.

For under $300 and not seeing very good “before” photos, what do y’all think?!

a huge “thanks!” goes out to my amazing husband for constructing my folding area and putting everything up on the walls. He really is the best guys!


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