Catch up!

Remember that time I swore I wouldn’t get behind on blogging again? I don’t know how, but somehow between what felt like two hours, it went from being Sunday to being Thursday! Yikes!

Ever have weeks like these? They seems to be more often lately for me 🙂

Here what you I missed on the blog this week:

Monday: I have put myself on yet another shopping fast that is currently indefinite. Since we bought the truck and are trying the pay off our (healthy) debts, I cannot warrant shopping for new items. Besides that, I go to work every day in soft-as-silk tees and a pair of jeans; plenty of which I have. So here’s to recycling and rewearing outfits umpteen-thousand ways until you’ve exhausted ever mix and match combination! If you’re interested in this kind of Fashion Lifestyle, check out this awesome blog I found, Putting Me Together. This girl is a fashion genius!!!


Tuesday: Oh what to do, what to do. I’m kind of looking for a little help here. The school year has started for many kiddos around the country, but I am not teaching this year, making it like salt in a wound for me to post about teaching tips on Tuesdays. I’m looking for suggestions on a new Tuesday Topic. If I choose yours, I will send goodies your way! Leave me a comment!!

Wednesday: Not so much a picture tour of something amazing in our home, but a funny story instead. Last Friday we heard a huge BOOM in our kitchen. We checked the cabinets and the garage (attached) and saw nothing so we figured the guy who lives above us dropped about ten bowling balls simultaneously. It could happen, right?!?! When I went to get dressed the next morning, however, I realized something was blocking our closet door from being opened. That is when we discovered that the big BOOM was, in fact, our entire closet shelf that had ripped itself off the wall. It was obvious why, though, because we later saw that it was only being held up by some construction adhesive and a few brad nails, none of which were in studs! Yikes! It’s all fixed now, but what an adventure!

Today (Thursday): I have noticed that most of my pins have been focused on Splurge Worthy Foods lately…not so healthy, but I haven’t made any of them yet, so I’m still good, right?

I’m thinking about making one of these amazing splurges, eating one and then sending the rest off to my friends! I’m such a good friend, right?! 😉

S’mores Ice Cream Cake

Lemon, Garlic, and Rosemary Chicken

Puppy Chow Bars

Let me know what you guys think for the new Tuesday feature and I hope you all have had an adventurous and amazing week!


3T: Final Summer Fun!

Well I hate to say it folks, but the summer is coming to an end soon. For those of us lucky enough to live in 75 degree weather all year round it may not mean much, but having lived in Ohio for most of my life, I can appreciate the fact that we need to savor these last few weeks before the new school year begins and temperatures begin to drop.

I know, having taught for 4 years, that many kids hit this “panic mode” before a new school year. (or maybe it’s just the 7th-12th grade crowd I taught) It feels like there are only a couple weeks left of freedom, but so many things that you didn’t get to do this summer.

I’ve compiled a list of fun activities that, as parents or caregivers, you can do with your kids to help them feel more at ease with summer ending and a new school year beginning!

Please feel free to share your own “back to school” traditions with us so everyone with little ones (or older kids) can benefit!

Grade School (K-4) – Review Games

Many kiddos in grade school get anxious for the new school year for a lot of reasons, but mostly they are afraid they are not going to know everything they need to know to be “smart” in class. Feed on the fact that these little ones are still so knowledge-hungry! Before you know it you’ll have a teenager with a case of Senior-itis on your hands!

Try staging fun review games for them to ease their minds. Try integrating some summer fun in with their reviews to help them feel confident that they didn’t, in fact, forget everything they’ve learned in their previous year!

If you’re a DIY-er, try making a dunk tank where the kids get to try to soak you if they get questions right. Not your speed? Try having them earn a small piece of candy/stickers or extra TV/play time if they answer correctly. The ideas are endless! Take your kids favorite summer time activity and make it into a game! They are sure to love it!

a b

Intermediate School (Grades 5&6) – Adventure Activities!

My best memory from 6th grade was our zoo/scavenger hunt fieldtrip. That’s right! We were given a list of tasks to complete/exhibits to find and a disposable camera. With the watchful eye of a chaperone, a group of 6 of us ran around the zoo finding all of the answers to our list and taking pictures as evidence.

Try taking your pre-teen and a few of his/her close friends to the zoo, an art/health/history museum, planetarium, or aquarium and give them a list of tasks to complete. If you’re not the creative type to make your own, many of these places have pre-made scavenger hunts on their websites!


Middle School (Grades 7&8) – Back-to-School Shopping

Be prepared. This group is wholly concentrated on their burgeoning images. They strive to fit in with the other kids at school and their clothing is the first thing that speaks for them. Sorry to say it, but if you have a kid in this age group, taking them back-to-school shopping will be the most beneficial! Try going on a tax-free weekend or hit the back-to-school sales with coupons in hand to save a little money. Think of it as quality time with the kid who won’t want to be seen with you when their friends are around come mid-August 🙂


High School (Grades 9-12) – The Drive In

I know it’s scary to let your kiddos go someplace alone, especially right after they may have earned their drivers license, but all of my students at this age love two things: driving around with friends and the movies. Why not surprise them with the car keys and a $20 and send them off to a drive-in movie for the evening with a friend you like? Maybe just set a curfew so they don’t have too much fun galavanting around the city 🙂


Happy celebrations of the last days of summer!

3T: Homemade Popsicles!

I know I’m about to give you some awesome recipes and  it’s not Sunday, but I couldn’t resist sharing this with you guys!

As many of you are experiencing high temperatures this summer, I’m sure you are looking for cool treats that will keep you from sweating your behind off all season! Not only are homemade Popsicles inexpensive to make, but they are waaaaay healthier than the store bought kind and super easy to make! I suggest making a batch with your kiddos or significant other very, very soon!

I found three great sites that have amazing popsicle recipes that I’m going to be trying out myself this week.

Momaha – Foodie Friday: Make Your Own Popsicles


These strawberry peach lemonade popsicles look absolutely divine! Not only are both fruits in season right now, but adding the tart lemon flavors to the ice pops are sure to be a kid and adult palate-pleaser!

The Greatist Table: 5 Healthy Popsicle Recipes from Around the Web


With flavors like Mango Lassi, Vegan Chocolate with Roasted Almond (pictured), Tropical Fruit Punch, Skinny Vanilla Bean Cheesecake, and Roasted Sweet Corn, these popsicles are bound to stretch your view on classic popsicle flavors! Try one, or try them all!

Fun Home Things: 10 Homemade Popsicle Recipes


This blog post won me over with the chocolate dipped and cookies-and-cream popsicles, but their whole fruit watermelon and Coke Float popsicles (pictured) are a must-try as well!

Happy Popsicle-ing everyone! Let me know how yours turn out and be on the lookout for my trials as well!


Week-Long Recap

I had great ideas for every post this week.

I was going to post each morning and knock your socks off with my amazing, witty posts.

I was going to have ten million comments and twenty million new followers.

..that might be a little exaggerated…

But, I was going to do it, and I got busy.

Doesn’t that happen to everyone? You get so caught up in all the cool, fun things you’re doing (or laundry, and dinners, and other chores) and you just run out of time in the day! Before you know it, your good intentions turn into its-5-minutes-until-10-and-Im-thoroughly-exhausted-from-today and you choose to go to bed instead of completing the task you planned on.

So here’s what you missed this week (the abridged version):

Monday – Wardrobe Weeding
his one I did on time! Woo-hoo! But in case you missed it, check it out here


Tuesday – 3T: Grown Up Fun
I know many of you have cute little ones running around your home and I normally post about fun things to do with them during the summer, but I wanted to focus this week on the Adults of the group. If you’re like Jeff and I, you’re still enjoying being just the two of you. We want kids, just not right at this moment. I think we both want a chance to be totally selfish and on our own schedules a few more years. I found this list of 41 Things To Do Before You Have Kids on The Nest and I love it. Some are practical, some are a little racy, but all are great ideas!


Wednesday – Master Bath Before & After
Inspiration Post: Dream Master Bath
How it Turned Out: A little less “WOW!” when you walk in than I’d like, but it’s serene and nature-like.

IMG_0533[1] IMG_0534[1] IMG_0535[1]

Thursday – Pinterest Post: The Best Rum Punch EVER!
Tried it. Loved It. Will DEFINITELY make it again!
Strawberry Blood Orange Rum Punch from The Bojon Gourmet


Friday – Building Endurance as a New Runner
I’m trying guys, I really am. I want to be one of the super cute, fit, easy-to-watch runners in San Diego. I just have zero endurance right now! I found this awesome article on fitsugar that I think will really help! Check it out here!


So….yea! That was this week. Next week is going to be hella-busy, too, as I’ve got my cupcake tasting at the apartment to promote the cupcakery, and I start my new job full time on Thursday, but I will do my best to post every day!

Love you guys!

3T: Dog Park Fun!

Hey ya’ll! Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was full of errands and J’s first day back at work so we were busy, busy, busy! Needless to say, I figured you guys wouldn’t want to see the old shorts and an old Staff tee I was rocking all day yesterday in a fashion post 🙂

Today’s Tank Top Tuesday post is about having fun with your pooch! Atlas is pretty much the only little guy that will be in my life in the near future, so we take trips to the park much like you parents would take your kiddos! Lately, Atlas has been loving the beach and open water!

I highly suggest you take your pup to the nearest dog beach/park for three simple reasons:

1. It helps their socialization. Proper socialization = a better behaved pup!
2. It’s a great source of exercise for their bodies! A healthy body will extend their lives to spend with you!
3. It makes them do this….


Here are a few pictures from Atlas’s latest adventure to Coronado Beach Dog Park!

IMG_2111IMG_2125 IMG_2117

Get out there and take your dog to the park!!

3T: Zoo Bingo

So…I don’t know if you all are just really nice people, but yesterday was Tuesday…as in Tank Top Tuesday.

I definitely wrote an Around the House/Organizing (Wednesday) post…

Thanks for taking it easy on me and not making me feel like a dummy for getting my days mixed up! This whole west coast, sunshine 24-7, playing outside all day thing has really gotten to my brain 😉

So anyways, today will be an honorary Tank Top Tuesday since yesterday I got it wrong! Today’s topic: the zoo.

A.K.A. my favorite summertime activity location.

Think about it guys! A HUGE playground (figuratively speaking) full of live animals, people, and fun! I LOVE the zoo! Here are a few things to do with the kiddos, or if you’re like me, do with adult friends, the next time you’re at your local zoo.

1. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to San Diego State University for creating and posting this awesome San Diego Zoo Scavenger Hunt!

For a general zoo scavenger hunt, check out Life as Supermom’s Zoo Scavenger Hunt Post! It’s Amazeballs too!

2. Play Zoo Bingo – ZINGO! (Kid Version and Adult Versions Below)

P.S. No one said I was mature….

Kid Version – Zingo Kids

Adult Version – Zingo Adults

3. Get some exercise!

I don’t know about you, but walking the zoo takes a lot of effort around here! There’s hills, curves, and mile long walks through some exhibits! Take advantage folks! It’s probably the most fun physical activity you’ll get that week!

Leave me a comment on your favorite zoo activity and maybe ill add it to my list with a big thank you message linked to you!

3T: Fun Free Summer Ideas with Printables

Happy Tank Top Tuesday! See what I did there? Got the day right today! High five for me! Hahaha

This weeks edition of tank top Tuesday is all about having fun this summer for as little money as possible. I’ve made this awesome fun, free summer list, a graphic quiz to help you decide, and a Printable to help you plan it all out. In this post, you’ll find:

The List

the list

Fun, Free Summer Quiz

Untitled drawing

And the Activity Planner Sheet  (printable here)

activity planner sheet

Use what you need and share with friends! Let me know how you did on the quiz and what activities you are going to do first. The first Five comments will receive a special summer printable: The Checklist that will give you a checklist of all of the things you’ll need to complete each activity!

3T: Traveling with the Kiddos

Happy Tank Top Tuesday! Tomorrow’s moving day, the car’s all packed, my Mother-in-Law is on her way here, and Atlas is happily wearing himself out at doggie daycare! Moving is a big job, and major props goes out to any of you with little ones that have to make big treks like I am about to embark upon!

In the spirit of travel, I’m going to post some of my favorite ideas on how to keep the little lovelies busy on long car rides without using a portable DVD player (I’m a teacher, remember?! It’s all about learning opportunities!!)

1. Give them a Food Travel Kit – thanks to JT&Dolly at DISboards

aA kit full of healthy (and “fun”) foods will keep them from whining when they’re really just wanting a snack! I think I’d replace the sprinkles and other super small goods, though, with some bigger snacks just to avoid have a “funfetti” back seat in my car for a year…

2. While you’re at it, throw in a Game Kit – JT&Dolly ROCK!


All of these games can easily be played by an individual or a group, keeping the kiddos busy and cooperative the whole ride!

3. Art kits are always fun too!


An empty DVD case, scratch pad, and some colored pencils and you’ve got yourself a $1 DIY project! Give them an idea of what to draw (colors, numbers, animals, whatever they’re learning about in school) or tell them to draw something they see outside! Older kids can practice writing or cursive, too! The learning opportunities are endless!

4. Have some fun with old-fashioned car games! (and these from Babble!)


My parents would play the License Plate game or the ABC game with us as kids and it normally kept us busy from the time we left until we arrived at our destination.

License Plate Game: watch out the window for license plates from different states. When you see one, yell it out! No duplicates, so keep a close eye out for new states and countries!

ABC Game: Start with the letter A. Find a sign, billboard, or bumper sticker that has a word on it starting with the letter A (i.e. Al’s Pizza). Once you do that, move on to B (Bump Ahead), C (Charlotte, NC), D (Dunkin Donuts), E (Exit), and so on until you make it through the alphabet. It may not seem like it’ll take very long, but you’ll get stuck when you hit Q, X, and Z!

Happy Travels everyone! I’ll keep you all updated tomorrow when we arrive in Katy, Texas, our first stop!