Introducing: Tuesday Tester!


Alright guys, after polling my friends and family members since I didn’t get any votes for the new Tuesday Topic, I’ve decided to make every Tuesday a Tuesday Tester post!

What that means is I will be reviewing a product that I have in my home (health/beauty, fitness, fashion, grocery, home, kids products, etc.) so you will have some unbiased opinions before you buy a product.

If you would like to see a specific product reviewed, just leave me a comment. If I don’t have it, I’m always willing to try out new things!

Today’s review: the Rhonna Designs App


Found in the Apple App Store, this inexpensive app is a great design tool for those of us who are not professional graphic designers.

Cool Features:
– Use your own photos as backgrounds
– A multitude of editing options and add ons
– Multiple sets of fonts for text editing, as well as many color choices
– User friendly, little editing experience necessary

– New update and add on packs cost $0.99 extra (although I bought it and LOVE it, so it just depends on your preference)
– Preloaded backgrounds are muted colors. I would love to see some backgrounds that have a little more pizzazz or color to them.

Examples of how I use this product:


The masking feature lets your background shine through the graphics/text you insert! How cool is that?!




My rating: 10/10!
I think, if you’re a design nerd like me, this is a purchase well worth the couple dollar cost.