Fashion Feature: Holiday Sparkle

Hi guys! This winter, I’m becoming obsessed with anything sparkle. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of the snow in the sun, but I cannot get enough! Check out some of my fave pieces and share your favorites!








Fashion Feature: Chunky Knit Sweaters

Hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving week!

Most of us all around the country are feeling some cooler (and possibly snowy!) weather this week just in time for Thanksgiving! This holiday, I’m obsessing over what to wear this Thursday knowing that I’m going to want to indulge in a bunch of homemade foods without looking like I’m busting out of my clothing from being so filled up!

Enter in my secret weapon: Chunky Knit Sweaters. These versatile, comfortable fashion pieces are loose and bulky in the cutest way possible. Pair one with leggings and boots or skinny jeans and flats to help balance the weight and flow of these chunky tops. Here are some of my favorite Chunky Sweater looks:





My only advice to enjoy these unique tops? Just make sure you wear fitted bottoms to balance your outfit. Leave the “sack of potatoes” look to the meal preparation 😉

Fashion Feature: Polka Dots

Hey y’all! I hope your week has started out fantastically!

Lately, I have seen my fashion obsessions leaning towards polka dots. I even got my pup a polka dot shirt!


Here are some of my fave ways to sport this fun fashion trend!


Peek a boo! Wear a collared polka dot top under a sweater!


Funky Party Polkas! Mixed color polka dots keep this fashion fun!


Keep it Classy with Polka dots and a Cardigan!



Pencil Skirts are awesome with this trend!




We all know how much I love scarves! These two prove how awesome the two are together!



Wardrobe Check: the importance of looking put together

It’s a sad truth that we are judged daily on the way we look. I’d love to say that our world was full of people who only see you on the “inside,” but we are all guilty of seeing the outside of a person as our first impression of them.

I don’t get dressed up every day and enjoy my yoga pants as much as the next girl, but besides taking my pups to go potty, I will not be seen outside of my house in them.

Here’s how I see it: I could care less how a stranger sees me. What I do care about is how I see myself. Let me tell you a little story.

Through my four years of undergrad, I got up and dressed every day. Now, before you get all “I don’t have time for that” on me, know that 90% of the time, getting dressed meant jeans and a hoodie. I did, however, go to class once in a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. And you know what? I felt tired, gross, and unfocused through the whole thing. I would have been better off staying in bed that day. The simple task of changing out of your PJs and into something a little nicer can alter your entire day.

Let me give you an example:

How long does it take you to put on a pair of yoga pants, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Add in a ponytail, light makeup, and body spray. Ten minutes? Maybe a little less?

Now tell me how long it takes you to throw on a pair of fitted jeans, a button down shirt, a necklace, and sandals; that same ponytail, light makeup, and perfume? Ten minutes? Maybe less?

Let faces it, ladies (and some gents too!), it can take us just as long to look like we rolled out of bed, or to look polished and ready to take on the day.

Here are a few of my favorite “throw together” looks from my closet:





Even dressing up can be quick and easy with a simple cotton dress and a cardigan!

Here are my staples as shown above to having a quick and easy mix-and-match wardrobe:
– button down shirts (I love my J.Crew and LOFT ones!)
– great fitting jeans (GAP jeans are pricey, but my faves)
– a great blazer (this khaki and a matching black one are from Express)
– a statement necklace or two (LOFT, Forever XXI, and J.Crew Outlet all have great ones!)
– skinny belts ( Target, Target, Target! Every color, every material, and super cheap!)
– a cotton dress (LOFT)
– cardigans (Target and LOFT have the best, I think)

All layerable and easy to put on in an instant! No matter which way you wear these items, you’re sure to be out the door quickly and look like you spent hours getting ready! Don’t worry, you’re secret is safe with me 😉

Fashion Feature: Fall Scarves

It’s starting to get cool and you know what that means! Scarf weather!

Now I’m not necessarily just talking about the big, bulky sweater-knit scarves that I love so much in the dead of winter. I’m talking about the light, flowy, knot-able scarves that add a little pizzazz (and warmth) to your look!

Here are a few of my faves:

In Outfits

a b c


a1 b1 c1

Also, check out this amazing knot library to find unique ways to tie your scarves!


All sources can be found on my Fashion Pinterest board


Fall Fashion: Layering & Blazers

Here in San Diego, stores are putting out Halloween decorations and costumes, but still selling kiddie pools. There really isn’t a time that there isn’t a need for kiddie pools. My point is, that although it’s becoming cooler in most parts of the nation, it won’t ever really be Fall here (insert crying adorable fall boots here…)

So for all of you lucky enough to experience the crisper air, crunchy, colored leaves, and events like corn mazes and hayrides, this post is for you!

I’m a huge fan of fall fashion for a few reasons:
1. I love long sleeves. There’s something so comforting about them.
2. I really enjoy layering. Tanks under button-downs, under sweaters. It’s like a fashion tur-duck-in ( if you don’t know what that is, look it up).
3. I love blazers outside of work. Cute, comfy, and a quick way to look like you’ve put a lot of effort into your style.

In honor of all those reasons and so many more that I won’t get into now (pumpkins, apple picking, boots!, etc…) here’s a few ideas of layering with blazers!

Credits: The Look for Less, Chloe Rose Boutique, Stylish Petite




Catch up!

Remember that time I swore I wouldn’t get behind on blogging again? I don’t know how, but somehow between what felt like two hours, it went from being Sunday to being Thursday! Yikes!

Ever have weeks like these? They seems to be more often lately for me 🙂

Here what you I missed on the blog this week:

Monday: I have put myself on yet another shopping fast that is currently indefinite. Since we bought the truck and are trying the pay off our (healthy) debts, I cannot warrant shopping for new items. Besides that, I go to work every day in soft-as-silk tees and a pair of jeans; plenty of which I have. So here’s to recycling and rewearing outfits umpteen-thousand ways until you’ve exhausted ever mix and match combination! If you’re interested in this kind of Fashion Lifestyle, check out this awesome blog I found, Putting Me Together. This girl is a fashion genius!!!


Tuesday: Oh what to do, what to do. I’m kind of looking for a little help here. The school year has started for many kiddos around the country, but I am not teaching this year, making it like salt in a wound for me to post about teaching tips on Tuesdays. I’m looking for suggestions on a new Tuesday Topic. If I choose yours, I will send goodies your way! Leave me a comment!!

Wednesday: Not so much a picture tour of something amazing in our home, but a funny story instead. Last Friday we heard a huge BOOM in our kitchen. We checked the cabinets and the garage (attached) and saw nothing so we figured the guy who lives above us dropped about ten bowling balls simultaneously. It could happen, right?!?! When I went to get dressed the next morning, however, I realized something was blocking our closet door from being opened. That is when we discovered that the big BOOM was, in fact, our entire closet shelf that had ripped itself off the wall. It was obvious why, though, because we later saw that it was only being held up by some construction adhesive and a few brad nails, none of which were in studs! Yikes! It’s all fixed now, but what an adventure!

Today (Thursday): I have noticed that most of my pins have been focused on Splurge Worthy Foods lately…not so healthy, but I haven’t made any of them yet, so I’m still good, right?

I’m thinking about making one of these amazing splurges, eating one and then sending the rest off to my friends! I’m such a good friend, right?! 😉

S’mores Ice Cream Cake

Lemon, Garlic, and Rosemary Chicken

Puppy Chow Bars

Let me know what you guys think for the new Tuesday feature and I hope you all have had an adventurous and amazing week!

Nanny Fashion

So as you guys know, I just started nannying full time. I am LOVING it, but I am definitely missing the traditions of teaching: the beginning of the year conferences, setting up a classroom, meeting all of my new students, and most of all dressing up!

Now while I loved Casual Fridays most out of the week, I do miss having an occasion to wear any of my 12 pencil skirts and cute blouses! Since I am nannying, I have been trying to find ways to incorporate some cute into my comfy.

I have found that the following things are necessary when nannying for an infant, in terms of clothing:

1. Super soft, vintage-y tees are a must! The softer the fabric, the better. My little one, E, loves to nestle her head into my shoulder before naptime and scratchy but cute tops are hard on her delicate skin. These Homage tees and Banana Republic tees are great!

c a b

2. A scoop neck or low scoop neckline is an ultimate infant-soother! The skin-to-skin contact is integral to their attachment/bonding, but, being the nanny, I’m not about to get down to just a thin tank. Not so professional! Low scoop necks provide me an opportunity to give E the warmth she desired while protecting my modesty. I love my tanks from Target. They’re pretty standard, but are constantly on sale for $7! I have about 10 different colors!

a b c

3. Stretchy, high back jeans are cute and comfortable. Now while these will come in handy more when E is a toddler and moving, I get down on the floor with her during tummy time and do this horribly awkward, but effective lunging move to soothe her when she is crying. These pairs from The Gap (L) and Levis (R) are awesome!

a b

4. A pair of comfy shoes is a make or break. Now while I’m usually barefoot in the house (wood floors + socks = dangerous while holding a baby), when I take E out on walks, I need some footwear that will show my style while not causing blisters! These TOMS-inspired kicks and my favorite flats from Target are great choices on the cheap!

a b

I’m all about keeping it comfy and cute as I know I am representing my little E’s family when I take her for walks and talk to the neighbors. Here’s a good example of what I’d wear to work, complete with diaper bag and stroller! Nix the necklace and you’ve got a great outfit that screams cute, but practical!


Let me know what you think or if you have any great fashion finds that fit the nanny-bill!

Inexpensive Workout Apparel

My husband is awesome.

He works full time, he helps out around the house, and he eats my trial recipes even when they don’t turn out as planned. How lucky am I?! I know, super lucky 🙂

I think the thing I have been valuing the most in him lately, though, is his ability to be patient with me.

Recently I have been working on a fitness plan that will enable me to be able to run a 5K without stopping; something I have yet to accomplish. I’ve run plenty of 5Ks before, but have always stopped to walk at a fast pace because of bridges, cramps, or just being tired part of the way through.

He told me today, though, while on a walk that if I  really want to achieve my goal of running a 5K nonstop, he will help me. How sweet, right? He knows a bunch about running having had to run so often during ROTC, so he’s kind of an expert and a good running coach. I figure, with his help, I will achieve my goal by the end of September. (I’m a stubborn person who is not the best at pushing myself to the limit…I really don’t like the thought of puking after a run, so it stops me short a lot!)

Now all I’ve been thinking about is getting the right gear to help me achieve my goal. I’ve got three pairs of running shorts that I absolutely love and a few sweat-wicking shirts that keep me nice and dry, but having received many of these things as gifts during the holidays, I began to research workout apparel and never really realized how expensive the stuff can be! $52.00 for a lululemon sports bra?! I’m working on a budget here people!

What I’m going to do for you guys is feature three more affordable, but still durable, brands of athletic wear. I will be showing you a sports bra, top, and bottom from each collection and list their prices. Try them out and let me know what you think!

Brand #1: Old Navy
No, for real! They have some great workout wear from $10-$25 a piece! SCORE!

b c a

Sports Bra ($10 SALE here)  —  Semi-Fitted Tank ($14.94 here)   —   Cropped Compression Pant ($22.94 here)

Brand #2: Target
This is, by far, my favorite store. Period. But I especially love their running shorts since they work for girls with larger hips/thighs.

c b a

Sports Bra ($14.99 here)   —   Long Sleeve Power Workout Tee ($12.99 here)   —   Running Shorts ($16.99 here)

Brand #3: Athleta
A part of the GAP brand companies, this is the most expensive of the options, but shop clearance and you’re bound to find great deals like these!

c a b

Printed Alexis Bra ($24.99 SALE here)   —   Bindi Layer Tank ($29.99 SALE here)   —   Soliton Yoga Tights ($29.99 SALE here)

Wardrobe Weeding

I’m not sure if any of you are in the same boat as I am, but my closet is overflowing, yet I feel like I only want to wear the same 20 pieces or so because I’m getting tired of everything else…

It can’t just be me…or maybe I’m just a weirdo, but I’m planning on going through my closet this week and getting rid of some stuff to sell through consignment or donate to Goodwill. Here’s how I’ll do it: (thanks!)


If any of you are going to do the same thing, like this post or comment! I might just send you something awesome to your email 🙂