Here’s the Deal…

So this is my first blog post at The Wife Life! I’ve had blogs before, but I have yet to ritually post to them and I am determined, no…hell bent, to post here as often as possible with the ultimate goal of every day. Here’s the deal on my postings:

Every day will feature a topic that will recur weekly.

Sundays – Recipe of the Week
These will range from tried-and-true to new-and-fun, both found from blogs and books

Mondays – Wardrobe Check!
Outfits and their purchase location and price *note: there’s nothing that I love more than getting clothing at decent prices! My students are liek the fashion police so I feel like I need to change up my outfits constantly!

Tuesdays – Teaching Tips
I teach high school, but these can be geared for any age, from babies to college kids.

Wednesdays – Around the House
I loveĀ  everything to have it’s own place and I’m constantly looking for new ways to decorate our first home.

Thursdays – Pinterest Post.
I’m obsessed with Pinterest. On Thursdays I’ll share something I pinned during the week that I think you all will love too! These will be based off of comments from you readers!

Fridays – Fitness Fridays!
I’ll post a workout that I’ve done during the week to help motivate those who are on the road to good health.

Saturdays – What’s on my Mind?
Saturdays are relaxing, unstructured, and filled with topics that I couldn’t fit in during the week.

I can’t, and won’t, promise that I’ll post every single day, but I’m hoping that I’m able to do so and that you all enjoy!

Stay Awesome!