Summer Activity Bucket List + Recipe!

Hey guys! Now that all of my family is safely back in Ohio and I’ve done a deep clean of the house to prep for warmer weather, I’ve decided to make a Summer Activity Bucket List.

Now, this list is a little less lofty and morbid as a traditional bucket list, but is going to give me a constant reminder of all of the fun things I want to do to take advantage of perfect weather.

– Kayaking in the ocean – CHECK! 5/3 – pictures to come!
– Kayaking in the bay
– Paddleboarding in the bay – Going tomorrow morning! EEEK!
– Paddleboarding in the ocean
– Hike Potato Chip Rock
– Rent a bicycle and tour a boardwalk
– Ride the Aerial Tram
– Go Sailing – CHECK 4/12 – photos here
– Run a 5K
– Golf 9 holes (walking)
– Whale Watching or Harbor Cruise
– Visit a beach outside of San Diego county
– Walk/Run all of Seaport Village
– Tour Petco Park
– Run stairs at a local attaraction

I’ll add more items as I think of them, but I think that’s a pretty good start.

With all of these physically active tasks on my plate, I’ll need to nutrient-load my system to keep my energy up and my body in tip-top shape. Juicing is a fast, easy way for me to do just that. Here’s a great recipe for my current favorite juice when I get a big sweet tooth.

Watermelon Punch
Yields about 40 ounces


– 1 mini watermelon, chunked and rind removed
– 1 lb. strawberries, hulled
– 1 lb. black grapes, stemmed
– 2 oranges, peeled
Optional: 2 carrots ( I was out 😦 )

1. Run all ingredients through your juicer.
2. Strain juice to remove any pulp
3. Pop in a large mason jar or wine glass and drink up!


Clean Eating Challenge

Hey guys! The past two weekends have been filled with family and fun, but mostly with food….heavy, fatty, deliciously bad for you food.

It was also filled with great memories like this…




Between taking in a baseball game, kayaking, taking the pups for walks, and eating my favorite deconstructed sushi, my eating needs a BIG overhaul.

For the next two weeks, I will be starting a clean eating challenge.

During this time I can eat as much lean protein and produce as I want. That’s right. No. Counting. Calories. Literally as much as I want. Now obviously, the aim is to pack my tummy full of delicious produce, but the protein will help aid recovery for workouts (which I am good to start back up full force!!) and give me the energy to make it through my day.

Tack in unlimited water (hopefully 8-10 glasses per day, minimum) and just a little low-fat dairy, whole grains, and healthy fats and I should be on my way to kick starting a long-term healthy eating plan!

Simply put, less of this

20140505-212508.jpg which will be on The Dessert Project next week!!

And more of this



Want me to share my daily menu? Leave me a comment below!

99 Bananas Smoothie + Updates

Hey everyone! Writing has slipped past me the past few days, but I’ve come bearing updates and a great new smoothie recipe!

Ok, so, updates:
1. Ankle is definitely still not up for running, or really any activity for that matter. I tried going on a slow 5 mile walk with a friend, but a half mile in my ankle was already hurting. I still knocked out the miles, but it wasn’t a pretty sight afterwards.

2. Jeff surprised me with a 2 hour sailing tour of San Diego and we had a blast! We also went to Temecula (wine country near us) and had an amazing time sampling local wines and cheeses.




3. I made an amazing clean chili recipe last week and I’m still reaping its benefits for lunch this week out of the freezer. It’s pretty much a boatload of mushrooms, onions, carrots, and tomatoes with your standard ground meat, tomato sauce, tomato paste, broth, and chili spices, but I let mine stew away in my slow cooker all day long so the veggies almost melted into the sauce and was meaty, making my meat-and-potatoes-loving husband happy 🙂

Ok, so there’s that. Now that that part is over, I can get down to the yummy stuff!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you’ve binge-watched YouTube and convinced yourself that all of the diet lifestyle channels are the one you’re going to convert your whole life to match? No? That’s only me? Oh well….

Anywho, I was watching a few different channels including Freelee the Banana Girl and it got me craving a banana smoothie, so I present to you….

The “99 Bananas” Smoothie
note: no alcohol involved…unfortunately 😉

– 3 very ripe bananas
– 1 handful frozen pineapple
– 1 handful baby spinach
– 4 large frozen strawberries
– 1 cup water or coconut water

1. Blend that bad boy up! I mean, layer ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth and silky.
2. Devour. Preferably on a patio in the warm spring air. It tastes better that way. Trust me.


GWC Day 51 – Out for the count

Well guys, I’m sorry to say that I’m taking the rest of this week off from running/walking to let my ankle heal. I’m so disappointed, but I know if I keep pushing it, I’m going to make it worse.


I will still be BodyRocking and just replacing the cardio sections with weight training or endurance building exercises that do not use my ankle.

In the meantime though, I’m taking this bit of “down time” to share with you guys all of the exciting things going on in the VC household! Be on the lookout over the next few days for clean eating recipes I’ve made this week and some of the changes we’ve been doing around our new home.

For now, I’ll leave you in my injured current state



You’d make that face if you were getting sloppy Atlas kisses all over your face 😉

GWC Day 50 – Confessions + Recipe

Ok guys. Confession time: I skipped my Day 12 and Day 15 workouts to let my ankle have some rest from jumping and high knees…horrible, I know!

So this morning I vowed that I would get myself all caught up (with today being Day 16) and just go for a morning walk.

That didn’t happen….

Instead I beasted out 2.5 miles at a 9:50 pace run (!!!!!!!!!!!) and then my ankle forced me to walk the rest. Side note: isn’t it so frustrating when you’re about to hit a goal, and a slight injury is stopping you?! I could’ve had my under-30-minute 5K today, but nooooooo……stupid ankle. Who needs you anyways?!

Then during the baby’s nap, I completed Day 12 and Day 15’s workout, swapping the ankle-hurting cardio parts for box squats and resistance obliques. Boy was I sweating by the end of that!

Then, on top of all of that, I took the pups on a 3.3 mile walk at a local shaded park since it was 90 degrees outside when I got home from work!

Go, me, Go!

I also watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead again last night (it’s one of my fave food documentaries!) and it inspired me to break out my juicer. This morning, after drinking 20 oz of water, I had a glass of apple, carrot, orange juice, but the real winner – and included recipe – is my new favorite juice. Try it ASAP!!


Lisa’s Aloha Punch


6 small Gala apples
1/4 fresh pineapple
2 small/medium carrots or 1 large carrot

1. Juice together all ingredients with carrots being the first item to be put into the juicer.
2. Strain juice to remove any excess pulp
3. Pour over ice and serve in a wine glass if you’re feeling fancy like me 😉

This recipe makes about 3 cups of juice. Share it with family or hoard it all to yourself….not that I did that or anything….


GWC DAY 47/48/49 – injuries suck

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been absent the past couple days! I’ve been nursing a hurt left ankle…

On Friday, I went out for a run with the baby I watch and after about 2.5 miles, my left ankle started to ache to the point that I felt as if I could not run without hurting myself. I also postponed my Day 12 BodyRock workout since Saturday and Sunday were labelled as “active rest days” on my schedule. The way I saw it, resting my ankle for a day should’ve been enough to get it back to where I could run.

(Cue ironic laughter here…) I should’ve known better.

When I got up on Saturday, my ankle was still achy enough that it made going up and down steps uncomfortable. I decided that I would go for a nice, slow walk to get in my miles. No excuses for missing miles!!! When I got to my usual running start point, I decided that I would at least attempt running to see how I felt. Needless to say, I felt little pain so I ran the whole 3.1 miles that I had scheduled. I felt fine and was proud of myself for pushing myself to run in the end.

That is, until I stopped to go inside. I don’t think it has ever taken me so long to climb 12 stairs…I was hurting. I iced my foot/ankle with a bag of frozen edamame (yum!) but vowed to get an ankle brace for it Sunday.

So today I grabbed a firm (walking) and medium support (running) ankle brace. I’ve been pretty sore all day, but still the pups on our 3 mile walk. I’m going to be completing the Day 12 workout just replacing the jumping/cardio sections with weight training to give my ankle a low-impact workout.

Phew! That’s a lot of storytelling! Anywho, morale of the story: injuries suck, especially when you were just getting into a niche of comfortable/enjoyable running! This week I will be running as much as I can and hiiting my workouts hard and have a clean dinner planned for each night! Wish me luck for a quick recovery!

Day 46 – All for Laughs

Hey guys!

Put in my miles today in the form of a 4.5 mile walk since it was frigid this morning and I couldn’t run without my lungs collapsing…ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But still.

I also hiit my BodyRock Day 11, but ultimately, the thing that made my day the most was this article by BuzzFeed.

Please read it if you’re a runner. It’s a guaranteed laugh. And laughing is as effective as doing crunches…or something like that 😉

GWC Day 45 – seeing results?

Happy hump day!

Does anyone else feel a little awkward when people say that you on a Wednesday or is it just me?

Today I decided to take the little one to the zoo for her “adventure time” as we call it, so I did my 3 mile walk with my pups when I got home from work. They have been total pace-killers even on our slow walks and it’s starting to cramp my style (hellooooo 90s saying!)

I still have vowed to myself that I will put in at least 3 miles of activity in a day, though, so I grimaced through the tugging and pulling from my horrible lovely dogs. Who are passed out like this right now….


Who can stay mad at that? No one. I love my fur babies.

Then after dinner I knocked out Day 10 of my BodyRock Challenge. It had my arms aching and me laughing about the comments the host was making today. Check out 6:05 to see what I mean 😉

I could be just having a big self-fulfilling prophecy here, too, but I really feel like I’m noticing positive changes in my body shape. My face looks thinner, my legs are more toned, and my arms/chest are becoming more defined. The hubs even mentioned it this morning, but he has a legal obligation in the form of a wedding ring to tell me that 😉

Speaking of which, I really need to take measurements! Anyways…

That’s all for today! I’ll see you guys bright and early for a 5K run, right??

I’m also planning to try out a few new healthy recipes this weekend so feel free to throw some of your faves my way via the comment section!

GWC DAY 44 – Rest Day!!

APRIL FOOLS! We all know I don’t have rest days!

This morning I knocked out a 5K in the rain. Nothing cooler than realizing mid downpour that your workout pants are water repellent! CHA-CHING!

I also had my fastest time at 32 minutes on the dot, and I’m quite impressed since the weather was crappy and I had to walk for a spell when a random homeless guy started to do his own version of jogging across my path 20 or so times….maybe he thought it was safer to zig-zag his course over the sidewalk??

Anywho, I also killed my leg day with the Day 9 BodyRock workout and LOVED IT although my legs and glutes were on fire at the end!

Seriously, if you’re not BodyRocking yet, get on it! it’s less than 20 minutes a day and a great workout! Don’t be intimidated of you’re new to the exercise scene. All the instructor asks is for you to do your best! And it’s FREE on YouTube! No excuses, join

GWC Day 43 – Last Day of March + Recipe

Can you believe that tomorrow is April 1st?!

Where did the first quarter of 2014 go?!

Anywho. Today I knocked out a 3 mile walk because I felt as if my hip flexors were tight and I didn’t want to take the chance of pulling them and taking myself out of training for the week. My walks lately have felt sooooo good after my runs, though, because everything stretches and I can really feel the impact that all my training has been having.

This weekend I told Jeff, “You know what makes me the most motivated to keep going? The fact that my legs don’t jiggle so much when I walk anymore…. Is that bad? Hahahahaha”

Yes. I laughed. Mainly because who gets excited for something like that? ME! Anybody else feel motivated when you see small changes in the amount that your body wiggles and jiggles? Is that super vain of me?

Anywho. After my walk, I knocked out Day 8 of my BodyRock Challenge and pushed myself to do lunge jumps for the cardio intervals and holy leg burn!. Today was supposed to be all about abs and arms, but I’d be lying if I said that my legs weren’t feeling it too when I finished!

If you’re not joining me in this BodyRock challenge yet, get on it! it’s never too late to start as all of the workouts are on Lisa’s BodyRock YouTube Channel!

After all my working out, I realized I hadn’t eaten since 10 a.m. when I scarfed down my lunch like a hungry hungry hippo….so I decided instead of making my post-workout protein shake, I’d make a protein packed dinner instead. Preface that with the fact that I haven’t gone grocery shopping in awhile and what do you get?

Protein Pancakes with Fresh Strawberry Sauce>

1/2 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1 Tablespoon sugar (or honey)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

For the strawberry sauce:
5 large strawberries
1-2 Tablespoons water
<1 Tablespoon honey (if strawberries are sour like mine were….)

1. In a mixing bowl, combine yogurt, egg, and vanilla.
2. In a separate bowl, mix together flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon
3. Pour dry ingredients into wet and mix until just combined. Add a touch of milk if you like your pancakes thinner.
4. Spoon a heaping tablespoon of the batter onto a hot pan and flip when bubbly.

5. Heat strawberries and water together in the microwave until warm and soft. Blend until smooth with a blender/food processor or mash with a fork for a chunkier sauce. Strain if need be (I did…I hate strawberry seeds in my sauce!) and add honey if necessary.

I ate mine with a few strips of bacon….and convinced myself it was ok because bacon is protein, right?! I will never give up bacon….ever. gotta love breakfast for dinner!!


Try it out and let me know what you think!