Managing Stress

Do you ever have one of those days/weeks/months where you feel like you have no control over anything? Your fate is entirely in someone else’s hands and you just have to sit and wait to see the outcome? This happens to me a bunch. Between a change of commands (and possibly moving cross-country again), home renovations, and all the little things that build up, I find myself feeling like this.


Do you know what’s the best thing about stress though? It’s purely your choice to feel stressed. Yep. I said it. You’re choosing to be stressed. I’m choosing to be stressed.

And you know what? I’m letting it go today.

Here’s what I’m doing to reduce my stress levels (which may or may not be in the order I plan on completing them…)

1. Crank up iTunes and Shake my money-maker
It’s not going to be pretty, but man is it fun! Here’s my song choice of the day…

2. Make a plan for my day
Something in print. Made by me to fit my lifestyle. Inspired by something like this or this. I’ll post my own printable when I get a chance to make it this week. Girl Scouts honor.

3. Go for a walk. With friends if possible
I’m going to grab a friend who will listen to my crazy ranting and not judge me. Or maybe judge me, but still love me. We all need friends of that caliber in our lives. And we are going to walk until I’m tired of talking, sweaty, and back to my sunshiny, normal self. Friends and exercise do wonders.

4. Count my blessings
The things I stress about are so far out of my league of control it’s not even funny. There’s nothing I can do but think positively and hope for the best. Put my faith in the fact that what’s meant to be, will be. I have a wonderful husband, a loving family, the best friends I could’ve ever asked for, and a roof over my head that’s almost completely tailored to our every desire. I have so much more to be thankful for than the things that stress me out.

5. Sleep it off.
Just saying, dreaming is way better than worrying…unless you get attacked by a rabid animal or something. I suggest not eating at least 2 hours before bed…I always have crazy dreams when I eat late, but that’s off topic.

6. Hug someone
Preferably not a stranger. That might not end well, but maybe it might. I’m going to hug my husband. Hug my friends. Hugs my pups. And really squeeze them. Funnel so much love into them through my hugs that they’ll feel it for days. I got a couple of these hugs yesterday at a friends birthday party and they are still making me smile today. Hugs cure.

So yeah. There is it. Choose happiness. Choose to be stress-free (or at least less-stressed). I’m here for you. I’ll be dancing to T.Swift and trying to teleport my love/hugs your way if you are stressing. Shake it Off, y’all. We’re in this together!


Veterans Day Weekend Updates

Hi guys!

This weekend has been filled with all kinds of crazy events so its going to be a short post.

Yesterday, I viewed five different possible homes, but it looks like we might hold out for another we haven’t seen yet that looks exactly like what we are looking for.


Today, Rhea got her new cone off this morning, bloodied her neck and back of her head trying to scratch her constant itchiness. Hopefully the dermatologist can fit her in this weekend. After I got her cleaned up, she proceeded to climb onto the arm of the couch and pee. Needless to say this made a huge mess, but is funny to anyone else but me 🙂 Maybe in a couple days it’ll be laughable!

I took the pups to the dog park today and after about 15 minutes, Rhea went to greet another dog’s owner and spooked the dog into an attack. She came out just frazzled with a couple small bites since Atlas stepped between her and the dog and protected her, but still warranted a trip to the emergency vet to get her cleaned up. She’ll be alright in the end, I’m just hoping that it doesn’t make her skittish around other big dogs.

All of this wrapped up in the fact that they’ve been getting up every day at 4 a.m. since Daylight Savings Time still hasn’t caught up with them. Phew! So much excitement, not enough time 🙂

I’ll be posting a fun Veterans Day post tomorrow so look out for it!