Baby Photos: The Best Poses, Tips & Tricks

Yesterday during E’s nap time, I spent a bunch of time pinning. I pinned fun nanny tips, new recipe ideas, and a whole boat load of cute baby photo ideas. I plan on taking a bunch of photos of E over the new few months and compiling them into a small Shutterfly photo book for my “parents” Christmas gift. I think they’ll really enjoy the surprise 🙂

Now, before you venture into taking pictures of your newborn, or a little love that you’re care-taking for like me, you need to be aware of a few things:

Tips & Tricks

1. Not all babies will lie there sleeping or alert while you flash away for hours, changing their outfits every 20 minutes. That just doesn’t happen. If your kid will let you, great; just don’t expect them to or you will more than likely be disappointed.


Photo Credit: Kristi Groves Photography

2. Babies under the age of 6 months will not, EVER be able to hold the following pose on their own! These are staged photos where the photographer has a parent/assistant hold the babies head from the top in one shot, and support their chin in the next. They then use Photoshop to edit the two photos together. I’m not saying your baby can’t hold this pose, I’m just saying they shouldn’t because it’s dangerous.


Photo Credit: Jen Schow Photography

3. Capture kids in their every day. Sometimes the moments right at morning wake up produce the most natural smiles and light!


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rico

My Fave Poses

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c d

Photo Credits:
Alyssa Melody Photography, Red Lotus Photography,

Peekaboo Photography, Jen Schow Photography

I really love how these babies are swaddled or surrounded in comfort. I know my little E loves nothing more than being wrapped up in something warm and cuddly! Tomorrow starts my journey to take at least one staged, awesome natural light photo. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

What are your favorite baby photo poses? Any tips or tricks for me? I’d love to hear them!